Videoconferencing is one of the most innovative tools available in the modern fast-paced market that allows accomplishing both goals. As for regular employees, Michelle Richardson, director of the data and privacy project at the Center for Democracy and Technology, points out that there is no existing federal privacy law that could influence the wa… Read More

Have you ever imagined living a life without cars which means trekking long distances, without tractors and the likes which means tilling the soil with hoes, without basically the things that'll make living easier and enjoyable but all thanks to technology and its inventions we have everything at our finger tips. While in the good old days, people'… Read More

A U.S. research group is now developing new inverters to protect solar installations from cyberattacks. Hitachi Solar Inverter is a potent example, which being at the heart of Solar power generating system solar panels is bringing Social Innovation in the Indian power sector by providing the critical technological link which enabled conversion of D… Read More

Charleston is West Virginia's largest city and capital. Views from the rocky, windswept moonscape summit encompass the northern Presidential Range peaks, and riders can visit the Sherman Adams Summit Building; the Mount Washington Observatory; the Tip-Top House, a National Historic Landmark; and the Summit Stage Office, where the world's highest wi… Read More

PSS is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of pallet racking and shelving systems. Typically forklift trucks are used to move pallets on and off racking within a warehouse, with a number of systems available to meet different requirements that allow pallets to be stored and accessed for picking and processing as efficiently as possible.We stoc… Read More