Creative Wellbeing Workshops

Roll your way to self-care by making your very own essential oil blend with us and at Allen Centennial Garden. Learn about different essential oil blends, make your own to take home, and then use your blend for a scent-based mindfulness practice. Workplace wellbeing is not complete without a holistic approach – one that takes into consideration the body, mind and spirit to sustain high performance.
Strengthening your health, and the health of your colleagues could be one of the best investments your business will ever make. Take a look at the following workshops that can support you and your team. These sessions are a great addition to mental health awareness, line manager training and mental health first aid. How wellbeing workshops do we achieve challenging pursuits in the face of obstacles? In this workshop, based on emerging psychological research, we show participants how to hone skills like endurance, resilience, persistence, motivation, and mindset. We help leaders develop these skills in their team, improving performance and wellbeing.

Wrap up your fall semester by learning about the importance of resiliency and how to cultivate it in your own life. This 45-minute workshop will introduce you to methods you can practice to build resiliency through mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, and self-check-ins. Finish the workshop by doing a gentle yoga flow with a gratitude meditation to leave you feeling refreshed as you head into finals. Practicing silence enhances creativity, productivity, and the quality of your relationships at work. This workshop empowers you to build peace and quiet in your life.
In this webinar, you will learn about some of these research findings, as well as tips on incorporating a gratitude practice into your life. Ever thought to yourself, “I don’t feel like I have any control of the time in my day? ” If so, this workshop on time management will inform you about how to better plan out your schedule, prioritize and set goals, and counteract procrastination so that you are able to take back control of your time. This workshop will also support you in developing a balanced and successful personal as well as academic life.

This is a must-attend workshop for anyone who wants to achieve something difficult for which they have a passion. Since sleep is the most important factor to our wellbeing, we need to learn to do it well. In this workshop, participants learn the science of sleep and strategies to help improve sleep quality and quantity. Learn how sleep impacts your mood and productivity and how to increase the amount of sleep you get over time.
Mindfulness increases engagement, focus and connection with oneself and those around us. Circle of Hope is offered survivors of sexual violence that occurred between the ages of 16 to present. A Laughter Meditation – Participants will experience free-flow belly laughter, which can be a powerful and cathartic experience. These tools are an invaluable resource to refer to well into the remainder of my life!
Workshops are currently offered as phone discussion groups or online via Zoom so attended from the comfort of home. These workshops are excellent for adults living with pain, diabetes or pre-diabetes, and chronic health conditions themselves and/or for their loved ones helping to care for them. Workshop registrants receive materials mailed to their homes including the newly updated Living a Healthy Live with Chronic Disease book and booklet, plus cds on relaxation and exercise.

Our representatives can help you learn about your bill, make payments, check on a claim, or start a new plan. Young people aged have a diagnosable mental health condition. Our programmes encourage early intervention by breaking down the stigma around mental health. This hour is designed to connect you to your higher purpose through gentle yoga followed by a guided meditation and group processing.
Understand the definition of workplace bullying and the symptoms of emotional abuse. If you would like us to offer a service that is not yet available, please don’t be afraid to ask – we are here to make life easier and are always looking for new ideas. Take some time to focus on yourself on one of our Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing Workshops in a beautiful location in Dorset.

Additionally there are opportunities to volunteer at community arts and cultural events and festivals run by Art at the Heart, thereby improving wellbeing by “giving back” to the community. Our wellbeing workshops are developed in collaboration with industry experts and informed by the first-hand experiences of folks like you. Employee wellbeing is a critical factor in business performance. We demonstrate the link between wellbeing and business outcomes and deliver practical advice to help participants shift their behaviors. Leaders learn tools to impact team wellbeing, and employees learn how to prioritize and communicate their needs. This workshop will change the way your people think about work and help them develop their own, unique, science-backed ways to develop personal resilience.
Understand the most effective wellbeing strategies you can start implementing from today. We bring psychology to life by translating complex concepts into insightful learning opportunities for personal growth. Compass Recovery College is running workshops both online and in person, at a variety of venues. They have co-produced new workshops around Autism Spectrum Disorder and Bipolar Disorders, and are exploring how we can Live a More Mindful Life and they have new workshops about Grieving Losses. They are working with the MERL again, this time on Singing for Health, and with Reading Rep Theatre to offer new Theatre and Creative Writing workshops. They are also bringing their Story Telling and Creative Writing workshops back, this time to Reading’s Central Library and you can now find their Art Group at the Weller Centre.
These days aim to give participants a wellbeing experience as well as increasing ‘levels’ of understanding of the Wellbeing Triangle framework and how to apply it to their own life. We now have four ‘levels’ of Soulful Wellbeing day, each building on the experiences on the previous level. Staff teams can do the journey all together, in smaller groups or as individuals from a range of schools. Prices vary depending on the venue and number of participants but as an indicative guide, a day for 20 people onsite would be £1000. There are off site packages available for Sheffield schools.

Pathfolk's corporate workshops enable better work-life-balance. We understand that mental health and burnout are real challenges facing employees today and that resilience is required for both the individual and the company to succeed. The Agency offers six-week workshops to help adults better manage chronic pain, diabetes/pre-diabetes, and chronic health conditions in general. Sustainably boost your employees’ wellbeing, mental and physical health, happiness, and work, with the help of our wellbeing workshops.

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