Black Walnut Wood

All our team members have great knowledge and experiences about all type of timber floors. They love to communicate with customers to ensure jobs finished appropriated. From choosing colour, materials, or species to buying with sustainability in mind, you need a lot of homework. We help you understand everything about getting your floor boards right from the ground up. We’d like to listen, and help you choose the one suits your needs from all complicated stuff.
We use only the finest wood from the most luxurious trees and top of the range European coatings to deliver quality flooring to our customers. Choosing walnut for your new flooring can be a great decision for your home. Both varieties of walnut are considered premium engineered walnut flooring options for your home, but the extra price you pay will be well worth the beauty and durability gained! Both American and Brazilian walnut have excellent resilience, shock resistance, and dimensional stability so they will last a very long time in your home.

ECOfusion Flooring expects its floors to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So to achive that, from our floorboards, installation, moisture vapour barrier to adhesive to floor cleaners, it has to be the best. We also aim to provide the most ecologically friendly floors for your home. All our bamboo, european and exotic floorboards are purchased from Europe. ECOfusion Flooring are renowned for their beauty, quality and ability to withstand a lifetime of use. More and more people tend to purchase ECOfusion flooring solutions not only for their living areas but also for the whole home. Discover here some creative ways of establishing ECOfusion's functionality and elegance throughout your home.
You can have the world renowned German Quality bamboo flooring at affordable price. Hickory is one of the hardest domestic woods, with an impressive Janka hardness rating of 1820. It comes in many natural color variations ranging from blonde to chocolate. Its incredible durability makes hickory a great option for homes with pets, young children, or lots of guests. This is because sanding out deep damage would require sanding the boards to a dangerously thin level.
We are unique with water resistant laminate flooring and stock longest and widest boards on the market with latest breathtaking designs. DimensionsWalnut 25% Matte offers a wide range of colour variability from reasonably light tans to dark browns and will darken over time. Available in a square designer edge with a 25% matte finish to replicate a solid timber floor. As the leading brand of engineered timber flooring in Melbourne, we have completed many large scale projects throughout Australia and abroad.

An engineered wood floor is constructed of layers of both hardwood and plywood. Engineered hardwood construction has durable, high-performance qualities that solid timber flooring does not. Our focus is simple, we are the market leaders in engineered timber flooring. We only sell the highest quality products and service our clients with industry expertise and professionalism. Huge ranges of timber flooring are able to fulfilling your flooring needs. Browsingour products, we will carry the samples to your site for free quotation.Contact usnow.
Solid and engineered timber floors will both last a number of decades, depending upon how you use the space where the floor is to be installed. Solid wood floors have been in use for centuries, by both rich and poor. The European elite could afford to lay their timber floors in intricate patterns, or carve designs and murals into timber blocks. The poor and middle classes were still able to afford timber, but typically laid their floors in simpler arrangements. Artisan Collection These timber floors typically represent more handwork and a number of different types of timber such as European oak as well as Holly Oak and Teak.

You can opt for the classic aesthetic of a pure timber plank, or go for a grander arrangement, such as parquetry. Solid or hardwood timber floors are made of one solid piece of wood. The planks are thickly cut, and manufactured from a single type of wood with no layers.
Our products are made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibres and high quality recycled plastic. Our experienced, responsible and professional teams provide you nice and efficient workmanship.

Electrodry Adelaide provides floor sanding and polishing services for hardwood and engineered wood floors. Engineered floors have a 2 – 3mm timber veneer over MDF board, that can be safely sanded using our rotary sanding process. A weighted rotary sander takes off less wood in the sanding process and enabling us to refinish delicately engineered timber floors without the risk of causing damage. When sanding your floor, we always use at least 3 grades of sanding discs to give the cleanest possible finish without sanding scratches or sanding swirls.
Normal sweeping and cleaning is still necessary to clean off debris and dirt, and to keep your deck looking at its best. NewTechWood’s fully capped colour technology coats the boards with a high stain and fade resistant layer. This also makes the boards waterproof, so there is no need for any labour that would be necessary with regular timber. NewTechWood® is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of outdoor composite wood decking, wall cladding, fencing, screening, and garden furniture.
If you would like to leave very heavy items in place such as your fridge, we can work around these. The last step is applying two coats of a high density, two-pack water-based polyurethane for a durable finish.

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